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I’ve noticed an amazing difference in my gut! No bloating. Very happy with the taste. Love it!

M Silva

I actually look forward to drinking my greens in the morning because they taste so good! My husband drinks greens from a well-advertised brand, so I tried them one day and would not drink them again. Kiala greens are far superior!


Great tasting and gives me a blast of energy without making me feel funny like other pre workouts I have tried ! Helps me get through even the tougher workouts with ease!

Beth E

So glad I found this. It’s by far the best tasting green supplement I’ve ever had. The shaker makes mixing easy.

Christina S

I love the flavor of this preworkout. Super easy to drink and can definitely feel a difference in my workout without jitters or a crash after.

Sandra T

I’ve tried so many different preworkouts. This is by far my favorite ever! The flavor is amazing, the energy is even better. I love that there is a wide variety of flavors. Will definitely be repurchasing forever!

Abby H

Amazing ingredients and love the way it makes me feel! Taste is to die for! Love blue raspberry

Jessica B

Taste is phenomenal. Doesn't make me feel jittery or itchy like some preworkouts do. Rocket Pop is my favorite flavor so far!!

Liz F

This preworkout is amazing! The flavor is great and reminded me of being a kid eating rocket pop popsicles. It gave me energy to power through my workout giving me amazing results!

Kelly C

Literally so good. 100% better than Bloom’s greens. I can actually drink this without wanting to vomit. They taste good and do the same as bloom. I love them and will be buying again

Emily Kinkead